Noble's Life: Kingdom Reborn is the upcoming combination of medieval noble simulator and strategy.

In this 3D FPP production, player becomes a French aristocrat during the Hundred Years' War, whose lands have been plundered. His duty is to rebuild, develop and prepare his estate for further war while finding his unique ruling style.


Gentle Griffons - game developers, small indie team from Szczecin (Poland), established at the beginning of 2021. We have both experienced developers and industry novices gathered together to create games.


Press material

Press Kit contains Noble's Life: Kingdom Reborn and Gentle Griffons logos in various resolutions, screens as well as a Full HD trailer




The basis of Noble's Life: Kingdom Reborn will be an extensive economic layer, not shown in the form of many tables, but hidden under fictionalized decisions that player makes in contacts with subjects, advisers or his army.

This will enable many different development paths for a noble's estate. Player's character can prioritize aspects of the game such as economy, military, diplomacy, religion, or alchemy (in a realistic sense), but also simply focus on a prosperous, boisterous life. However, everything will have consequences.

Preparing our city for a siege when the enemy's army is approaching will be another important part of the game. Player does it by, for example, accumulating supplies and planning a defense strategy. However, when the enemy's charging at the walls, player can personally command the defense in real time.

Cavalry raids (the so-called Chevauchée) will be equally important. The player will lead those themself, whether to slow down the enemy army or plunder rival's estate.

The game focuses on presenting life of a medieval noble on a small scale, but in a highly immersive way. It will be implemented by an organic UI, a large dose of historical realism, as well as a lot of options to choose from. Thanks to this, each player can find their own ruling style.

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